Peter Gutermuth

Peter Gutermuth brings over 20 years of experience in Demand Planning Systems and process design. During his time at Marketing Systems GmbH he served as a Senior Consultant for the Forecasting System FORSYS as well as 'Force4' across multiple industries. For more than 5 years, Peter Gutermuth came across setting up different forecasting methods and algorithms, including Lewandowski, exponential smoothing and the planning complexity of daily demand. At Manugistics, Inc. in Germany he managed Sales of Supply Chain Management software for Multi-Billion companies in Europe. In 1997 he founded ABSATZPLAN GmbH to consult companies in their forecasting and sales planning process. Peter Gutermuth holds a Diploma of Mathematics from University of Würzburg.


Ulrich Vogel

Ulrich Vogel brings over 25 years of technology experience, including global matching systems, communication networks, back office integration, straight through processing and user interfaces. During the time at University, he developed and designed Logistics Management Systems for the medical industry. At Marketing Systems GmbH, Ulrich Vogel held a number of key development positions. Over 10 years he worked close together with Dr.Lewandowski, one of the world best forecasting experts and managed the company's Forecasting System FORSYS as well as 'Force4'. In addition he worked at Manugistics, Inc., where he implemented a full range of supply chain solutions across multiple industries. Since 2002 he supports 'Forecasting Solutions' for international clients in the automotive industry. Ulrich Vogel holds a Diploma of Economics and Computer Science from University of Essen. 

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